Important: This wiki is no longer in use. Use the nanoc wiki on GitHub instead. Not everything from this wiki was migrated to the new wiki because quite a bit was no longer relevant. The contents of the old wiki are nonetheless preserved here in case you need it.

nanoc Trac

Welcome to the Trac for nanoc! This trac contains a wiki (which you are viewing now) as well as an issue tracker. You're encouraged to contribute to this wiki—simply start writing!

Contributing to this wiki

Feel free to add anything you want to this wiki, as long as it is relevant to nanoc. Please use the following namespaces for pages you create: * Helpers/ for helpers (functions you put in the lib directory) * Development/ for pages regarding development of future versions of nanoc * Filters/ for filters * Samples/ for sample web sites (web sites whose source is publicly available) * Tips/ for tips and tricks


These pages are related to development of nanoc. Brainstorming happens here. If you have ideas or opinions on anything described on these pages, feel free to add your thoughts—that’s what a wiki is for, after all. * Wishlist (add features you want nanoc to have here) * 4.0 (won’t be released for quite some time) * Modularising nanoc * 3.2 (not yet released) * Improved performance * Architectural changes * 3.1 (released) * Binary assets * Better gem and executable names * Logo * 3.0 (released) * Compilation/mapping DSL

Sample sites

These pages describe fully-featured and open-source sample nanoc web sites, which you can check out to see how some stuff is implemented. Also check out the showcase for a (small) list of nanoc-powered sites. * Myst Online * The nanoc web site * Stoneship * H3RALD by Fabio Cevasco * * nanoc3_blog by mgutz: source code * by John Mark Schofield * seconddrawer by Felix Hanley * with source by Marcin Kulik * with source by NomadCoder

Tips & Tricks

* Put a "last modified on/at" line on your site * Enhancing your site typography * Hiding pages * Creating dynamic pages * Previewing * Adding header permalinks * Using Sass * Using Compass * Finding similar items * Converting from WordPress * Converting from Posterous * Converting from Posterous API v2 * Extend the Atom Feed with tags and a PubSubHubbub link * Rakefiles * Creating items using templates * Using an "upload" task * Using an omnipotent rakefile * Old * Easily accessing compiled content (is included in nanoc 3.1.0) * Copying assets intelligently (use binary assets instead)

Third-party Extensions

* Filters * CoffeeScript * Escaped Erubis * Pipe through arbitrary shell command * Helpers * Syntax coloring plugin — is included in nanoc 3.0 * Automatic menu generation * Breadcrumb navigation ("You are here:") — is included in nanoc 3.0 * Breadcrumb navigation for nanoc 2.x * Plugin for making captures that are available on all other pages of your site * Data sources * * Delicious * Twitter * Other * bomberstudios' nanoc_extensions * Nutils, a set of utilities for nanoc

Other resources

* English * The official site is no doubt the best resource for nanoc-related material. * Expanding the Power of nanoc with Rake is a useful resource for rake addicts. * nanoc and tagging explains how to create tag pages. * Google group for discussion. * Spanish * Maquetación Ágil con Ruby: nanoc y heel is a nanoc tutorial in the Spanish language by Ale Muñoz. * Maquetación Ágil con nanoc 2.1 is a more up-to-date version of the Spanish tutorial linked to above. * Spanish Google group for discussion in Spanish. * German * Seitengenerierung mit nanoc An article/short how to for nanoc 2 written in German.