Detailed release notes

See the release notes page for a summary of new features.

4.7.10 (2017-05-14)


  • Fixed behavior of parent_config_file so that it merges, rather than overwrites (#1176) [Gregory Pakosz]


  • Made slim filter show the filename in error messages (#1175) [Alexander Groß]
  • Added #use_helper as an alternative to #include for enabling helpers (#1170)

4.7.9 (2017-05-01)


  • Fixed character set handling of code snippets (#1171, #1174)


  • Added xml:base support (#1172, #1173) [Chris Burkhardt]

This release drops support for Ruby 2.2, as it is no longer maintained.

4.7.8 (2017-04-22)


  • Fixed a crash when printing dependency cycle error messages (#1164, #1166)
  • Fixed incorrect ordering in dependency cycle error messages (#1167, #1168)
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to print malformed UTF-8 strings (#1163, #1165)


4.7.7 (2017-04-16)


  • Added --diff option to compile command as a one-time alternative to enable_output_diff (#1155)
  • Sped up incremental compilation (#1156, #1157)

4.7.6 (2017-04-15)


  • Added support for :html5 in relativize_paths and colorize_syntax filters (#1153)

4.7.5 (2017-04-01)


  • Made --verbose be recognised when calling nanoc without subcommand (#1145, #1146)


  • Made show-data print all outdatedness reasons, not just the first (#1142)
  • Sped up @items.find_all (#1147)

4.7.4 (2017-03-29)


  • Made attribute dependencies cause outdatedness less often (#1136, #1137, #1138)
  • Improved speed of Rules file handling (#1140)

4.7.3 (2017-03-26)


  • Fixed an issue which could cause a missing file for a snapshot that is not :last not to be regenerated when compiling (#1134, #1135)

4.7.2 (2017-03-21)


  • Fixed crash when calling #raw_path in the Checks file (#1130, #1131)

4.7.1 (2017-03-19)


  • Fixed issue with :xsl filter not recompiling when it should (#924, #1127)


  • Made compile --verbose print percentiles rather than averages (#1122)
  • Improved dependency cycle error messages (#1123)

4.7 (2017-03-15)


  • Added :erubi filter (#1103) [Jan M. Faber]
  • Added write ext: 'something' shortcut (#1079)

4.6.4 (2017-03-10)


  • Fixed issue where compile --verbose would show misleading timing information (#1113)

4.6.3 (2017-03-05)


  • Fixed Errno::ENOENT crash (#1094, #1109)
  • Fixed undefined method #reverse_each crash (#1107, #1108)
  • Fixed compilation speed issue introduced in 4.6.2 (#1106)

4.6.2 (2017-03-04)


  • Fixed crash in #binary? (#1082, #1083, #1084)
  • Fixed issue which would cause the file referenced by #raw_path not to exist (#1097, #1099)


  • Allowed calling #write multiple times in the same rule (#1037, #1085)
  • Changed the html check to use (#1104)

4.6.1 (2017-01-29)


  • Fixed table formatting in compile --verbose (#1074) [Hugo Peixoto]


4.6 (2017-01-22)


  • Made #content_for accept a string as well as a block, to allow setting captured content outside of ERB (#1066, #1073)
  • Added #raw_content= to items and layouts during preprocessing (#1057)
  • Added #snapshot? to item rep views (#1056)


  • Prevented useless recompilations when switching Nanoc environments (#1070, #1071)

4.5.4 (2017-01-16)


  • Fixed issue with site not being recompiled fully when switching between environments (#1067, #1069)

4.5.3 (2017-01-15)


  • Fixed “Fixnum is deprecated” message (#1061, #1062)
  • Fixed :pre snapshot not being created for items that are not laid out (#1064, #1065)

4.5.2 (2017-01-11)


  • Fixed handling of periods in full identifiers (#1022, #1059)
  • Fixed “cannot layout binary items” error message (#1058)
  • Fixed escaping of URLs in sitemaps (#1052, #1054)

4.5.1 (2017-01-09)


  • Fixed crash when Nokogiri is not installed (#1053)

4.5 (2017-01-09)


  • Added Git deployer (#997)

4.4.7 (2017-01-05)


  • Fixed issue that caused an item not to be considered outdated when only the mtime has changed (#1046)
  • Removed stray require 'parallel' which could break the external_links check (#1051) [Cédric Boutillier]


  • Made Nanoc not recompile compiled items after an exception occurs (#1044)

4.4.6 (2016-12-28)


  • Fixed issue where #compiled_content would not return the correct content (#1040, #1041)

4.4.5 (2016-12-24)


  • Prevented stale data from making it into the checksum store and thereby blowing up in memory (#1004, #1027)
  • Fixed slow recompile after adding many items to a site (#1028)
  • Fixed wrong capturing helper output when the output field separator ($,) is set
  • Fixed issue that could cause items with multiple reps not to be recompiled when needed (#1031, #1032)
  • Fixed error when fetching textual content of item whose :last snapshot is binary (#1035, #1036)

4.4.4 (2016-12-19)


4.4.3 (2016-12-17)


  • Prevented stale data from making it into the compiled content cache and thereby blowing up in memory (#1004, #1013)
  • Fixed “about” and “IRC channel” links in default site
  • Fixed accuracy of <updated> in Atom feed (use most recent updated_at or created_at) (#1007, #1014)


  • Added support for non-legacy identifiers in #breadcrumbs_trail (#1010, #1011)
  • Defined checksum for Nanoc::Int::Context to make outdatedness checker more precise (#1008, #1012)
  • Made Nanoc raise an error when item reps are routed to a path that does not start with a slash (#1015, #1016)

4.4.2 (2016-11-27)


  • Fixed “Maximum call stack size exceeded” issue in the less filter (#1001)
  • Fixed issue that could cause the less filter to not generate all necessary dependencies (#1003)


  • Improved the way that the crash log displays the item rep that is being compiled (#1000)

4.4.1 (2016-11-21)


  • Fixed an issue where the xsl filter would not generate a correct dependency on the layout (#996)


  • Made view command use index filenames specified in the index_filenames site configuration attribute (#998)

4.4 (2016-11-19)


  • Added support for Nanoc environments (#859)

4.3.8 (2016-11-18)


  • Improved support for Rouge 1.x and 2.x (#880) [Rémi Barraquand]
  • Added #include to the nanoc shell command (#973)
  • Improved speed of full and incremental compilations (#977, #985)


  • Made routing rules and #write calls accept an identifier, and not just a string (#976)
  • Removed GC speed-up hacks, which became counterproductive in Ruby 2.2 (#975)
  • Fixed issue which caused items to be always recompiled if rep/item_rep or self are used in those items’ rules (#982)

4.3.7 (2016-10-29)


  • Fixed issue with show-data and show-rules commands not showing all data (#970) [Chris Chapman]


  • Improved speed of compile command (#968)
  • Improved speed of prune command (#969)
  • Made kramdown warnings include affected item rep (#967) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Made kramdown warnings configurable (#967) [Gregory Pakosz]

4.3.6 (2016-10-23)


  • Made legacy patterns properly support full identifiers (#957)
  • Fixed timezone issues in #to_iso8601_date (#961)
  • Fixed error when accessing item (rep) paths in shell command (#963)
  • Fixed issue that caused #path to be nil inside compilation rules (#964)
  • Made __FILE__ in Checks file be a absolute path (#966)


  • Made the command line write status information to stderr, not stdout (#958)

4.3.5 (2016-10-14)


  • Handle [email protected] in relativize_paths filter (#950) [Lorin Werthen]

Experimental features:

  • profiler: adds --profile option to the compile command to profile compilation (#903)
  • environments: adds support for Nanoc environments (#859)

4.3.4 (2016-10-02)


  • Fixed compilation crash when output directory does not exist and auto-pruning is enabled (#948, #949)

4.3.3 (2016-09-26)


  • Fixed issue causing Bundler::GemfileNotFound to be thrown (#936) [Lorin Werthen]
  • Fixed issue when replacing a directory with a file or vice versa (#942, #946)


  • Modified the compile command to allow specifying the deploy target as argument (#945)

4.3.2 (2016-08-23)

Identical to 4.3.1, but with corrected release notes.

4.3.1 (2016-08-23)


  • Fixed “outdatedness of LayoutView” error (#927, #931)
  • Fixed bug causing some checks not to appear in nanoc check --list (#928, #930)
  • Fixed @item, … not being accessible in filters defined with Nanoc::Filter.define (#932, #934)

4.3 (2016-08-21)


  • Added Nanoc::Filter.define, to easily define filters (#895)
  • Made the nanoc Gemfile group be auto-required when Nanoc starts (#910) [whitequark]

4.2.4 (2016-07-24)


  • Fixed UnmetDependency errors in postprocessor (#913, #917)


  • Sped up Nanoc by not releasing cache memory as quickly (#902)
  • Let internal_links check also verify resource paths, such as scripts and images (#912) [Lorin Werthen]
  • Improved error reporting for errors in the Rules file (#908, #914, #915, #916)
  • Removed win32console support, as it’s deprecated and causing problems (#900, #918)

4.2.3 (2016-07-03)


  • Fixed issue with #inspect raising a WeakRef::RefError (#877, #897)


  • Sped up compiler (#894)
  • Improved #inspect output of some classes (#896)
  • Deprecated Item#modified and replaced it with Item#modified_reps (#898)

4.2.2 (2016-07-02)


  • Fixed confusing “invalid prefix” error message (#873, #879)
  • Ensured filter arguments are frozen, to prevent outdatedness checker errors (#881, #886)
  • Fixed issue with dependencies of items generated in the preprocessor not being tracked (#885, #891, #893)


  • Added specific handling for Sass::Importers::Filesystem in the checksummer, which should reduce unnecessary recompiles in sites using Compass (#866, #884)
  • Improved speed of checksummer (#864, #887)

4.2.1 (2016-06-19)


  • Fixed an occasional WeakRef::RefError (#863, #865)
  • Fixed show-data command not running preprocessor (#867, #870)

4.2 (2016-06-04)


  • Dropped Ruby 2.1 support (#856)

This release also includes the changes from 4.2.0b1.

4.1.6 (2016-04-17)


  • Strip index.html only if it is a full component (#850, #851)
  • Force UTF-8 for item rep paths (#837, #852)

4.2.0b1 (2016-04-17)


  • Allow creating items and layouts with a pre-calculated checksum (#793) [Ruben Verborgh]
  • Allow lazy-loading item/layout content and attributes (#794) [Ruben Verborgh]
  • Added exclude_origins configuration option to internal links checker (#847)
  • Added ChildParent helper, providing #children_of and #parent_of (#849)


  • Made #html_escape raise an appropriate error when the given argument is not a String (#840) [Micha Rosenbaum]
  • Improved memory usage of memoized values by using weak refs (#846)

4.1.5 (2016-03-24)


  • Fixed crash in show-data command (#833, #835)
  • Fixed preprocessor not being invoked before running checks (#841, #842)

4.1.4 (2016-02-13)


  • Added missing Configuration#key? method (#815, #820)
  • Made output diff use correct snapshot rather than :last (#813, #814)


  • Sped up item resolution in Sass filter (#821)
  • Made #link_to more resilient to unsupported argument types (#816, #819)

4.1.3 (2016-01-30)


  • Fixed crash in check command when the subject of an issue is nil (#804, #811)
  • Made stale check not ignore non-final snapshot paths (#809, #810)

4.1.2 (2016-01-16)


  • Made @-variables (e.g. @items) report their frozenness properly, so that optimisations based on frozenness work once again (#795, #797)
  • Removed environment from crash.log to prevent leaking sensitive information (#798, #800)


  • Removed redundant checksum calculation (#789) [Ruben Verborgh]

4.1.1 (2015-12-30)


  • Fixed preprocessor not being run before check/deploy/prune commands (#763, #784, #787, #788)


  • Made #breadcrumbs_trail explicitly fail when using full identifiers (#781, #783)

4.1 (2015-12-18)


  • Fixed crash when attempting to #puts an object that’s not a string (#778)
  • Made pruner not prune away files from routes defined for custom snapshots (#779)
  • Wrapped @layout in a layout view (#773)


  • Added a base path to the Checks file, so that it supports #require_relative (#774)

This release also includes the changes from 4.1.0a1 to 4.1.0rc2.

4.1.0rc2 (2015-12-13)


  • Fixed children of the root item not having a parent (#769, #770)


  • Made #path, #compiled_content and #reps unavailable during pre-processing, compilation and routing, because they do not make sense in these contexts (#571, #767, #768)

4.1.0rc1 (2015-12-12)


  • Fixed @item.compiled_content in a layout raising an exception (#761, #766)

4.1.0b1 (2015-12-11)


  • Fixed issue with :pre snapshot not being generated properly (#764)


  • Updated default site to use #write (#759)

4.1.0a1 (2015-12-05)


  • Added postprocess block (#726) [Garen Torikian]
  • Added #write compilation instruction and path option to #snapshot (#753)


  • Fixed crash when printing non-string object (#712) [Garen Torikian]
  • Removed English text from #link_to helper (#736) [Lucas Vuotto]


  • Allowed excluding URLs from external links check (#686) [Yannick Ihmels]
  • Added atom to list of text extensions (#657) [Yannick Ihmels]
  • Added #each to Nanoc::ConfigView (#705) [Garen Torikian]
  • Made #attribute_to_time handle DateTime (#717) [Micha Rosenbaum]
  • Added Identifier#components (#677)
  • Added :existing option to #content_for (can be :error, :overwrite and :append) (#744)

4.0.2 (2015-11-30)


  • Properly set required Ruby version to 2.1 in the gem specification (#747)
  • Fixed issue with CLI commands not being loaded as UTF-8 (#742)
  • Added missing #identifier= method to items and layouts during preprocessing (#750)


  • Let attempts to fetch an item rep by number, rather than symbol, fail with a meaningful error (#749)

4.0.1 (2015-11-28)


  • Fixed params documentation for :rdiscount filter (#722)
  • Fixed crash when comparing item rep views (#735, #738)


  • Lowered minimum required Ruby version from 2.2 to 2.1 (#732)

4.0 (2015-11-07)


  • #parent and #children now raise an exception when used on items with a non-legacy identifier (#710)

This release also includes the changes from 4.0.0a1 to 4.0.0rc3.

4.0.0rc3 (2015-09-20)


  • Added Identifier#without_exts and Identifier#exts (#644, #696) [Rémi Barraquand]
  • Added DocumentView#attributes (#699, #702)


  • Fixed issue when comparing document views (#680, #693)


  • Made #base_url argument in #tags_for optional (#687) [Croath Liu]
  • Allowed IdentifiableCollection#[] to be passed an identifier (#681, #695)
  • Improved Pattern.from error message (#683, #692)
  • Let default site use a direct link to the stylesheet (#685, #701)


  • Removed Identifier#with_ext because its behavior was confusing (#697, #700)
  • Disallowed storing document (views) in attributes (#682, #694)

4.0.0rc2 (2015-07-11)


  • Fixed broken shell command (#672) [Jim Mendenhall]
  • Fixed absolute path check on Windows (#656)


  • Made Nanoc error when multiple items have the same output path (#665, #669)
  • Improved error message for non-hash frontmatter (#670, #673)


  • nanoc is now called Nanoc

4.0.0rc1 (2015-06-21)


  • Fixed double-wrapping of @layout in rendering helper (#631)
  • Fixed show-rules command (#633)

4.0.0b4 (2015-06-10)


  • Added missing #ext method to identifiers (#612)
  • Fixed issue where identifiers would have the wrong extension (#611)
  • Fixed rule context exposing entities rather than views (#614, #615)
  • Fixed #key? and #fetch not being available on layout views (#618)
  • Fixed #update_attributes not being available on mutable layout views (#619)

4.0.0b3 (2015-05-31)


  • Removed filesystem_verbose data source (#599)
  • Set minimum required Ruby version to 2.2


  • Made @config, @items and @layouts available in checks (#598)
  • Made filesystem an alias for filesystem_unified (#599)
  • Made specific reps for an item accessible using @item.reps[:name] (#586, #607)
  • Removed allow_periods_in_identifiers documentation (#605)
  • Made fog deployer not upload files with identical ETags to AWS (#480, #536, #552) [Paul Boone]


  • Made ItemView#parent return nil if parent is nil (#600, #602)
  • Added missing identifier_type documentation (#604)

4.0.0b2 (2015-05-23)


  • Removed ItemCollectionView#at (#582)
  • Removed support for calling ItemCollectionView#[] with an integer (#582)
  • Renamed identifier_style to identifier_type, and made its values be "full" or "legacy" (#593)
  • Renamed pattern_syntax to string_pattern_type, and made its values be "glob" or "legacy" (#593)
  • Made "full" the default for identifier_type (#592, #594)
  • Made "glob" the default for string_pattern_type (#592)
  • Enabled auto-pruning by default for new sites (#590)


  • Added --force to create-site command (#580) [David Alexander]
  • Made default Rules file more future-proof (#591)


  • Fixed LayoutCollectionView#[] documentation (it mentioned items)
  • Fixed ItemCollectionView#[] returning an array when passed a regex
  • Fixed an issue with mutable collection views’ #delete_if not yielding mutable views
  • Fixed an issue with collection views’ #find_all returning entities instead of views

4.0.0b1 (2015-05-14)


  • Removed tasks
  • Removed several private methods in the view API
  • Removed default base_url in tagging helper


  • Removed unused options from CLI
  • Added Nanoc::Identifier#without_ext
  • Made Nanoc::Identifier#=~ work with a glob
  • Added Nanoc::LayoutCollectionView#[]
  • Allowed creation of site in current directory (#549) [David Alexander]


  • Fixed #passthrough for identifiers with extensions
  • Fixed rendering helper for identifiers with extensions
  • Fixed filtering helper

4.0.0a2 (2015-05-12)


  • Glob patterns (opt-in by setting pattern_syntax to "glob" in the site configuration)
  • Identifiers with extensions (opt-in by setting identifier_style to "full" in the data source configuration)


  • Added several convenience methods to view classes (#570, #572)

See the nanoc 4 upgrade guide for details.

4.0.0a1 (2015-05-09)

This is a major upgrade. For details on upgrading, see the nanoc 4 upgrade guide.

This release provides no new features, but streamlines the API and functionality, in order to easen future development, both for features and for optimisations.

3.8 (2015-05-04)


  • Added mixed_content check (#542, #543) [Mike Pennisi]
  • Added commands_dirs configuration option for specifying directories to read commands from (#475) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Added :cdn_id option to fog deployer for invalidating CDN objects (#451) [Vlatko Kosturjak]
  • Add access to regular expressions group matches in rules (#478) [Michal Papis]
  • Allow filtering the items array by regex (#458) [Mike Pennisi]


  • Added :preserve_order option to preserve order in Atom feed (#533, #534)
  • Allowed accessing :pre snapshot from within item itself (#537, #538, #548)


  • Allowed passing generic Pandoc options with :args (#526, #535)
  • Fix crash when compiling extensionless binary items (#524, #525)
  • Fix double snapshot creation error (#547)

3.7.5 (2015-01-12)


  • Allowed extra patterns to be specified in the data source configuration, so that dotfiles are no longer necessary ignored (e.g. extra_files: ['.htaccess']) (#492, #498) [Andy Drop, Michal Papis]
  • Removed Ruby 1.8.x support (details) (#517)
  • Improved CSS and HTML error messages (#484, #504)
  • Let kramdown filter print warnings (#459, #519)


  • Fixed HTML class names for recent Rouge versions (#502)
  • Fixed crash when using items or layouts in attributes (#469, #518)

3.7.4 (2014-11-23)


  • Made check command fail when output directory is missing (#472) [Mike Pennisi]
  • Made external links check timeouts start small and grow (#483) [Michal Papis]
  • Made code and API adhere much more closely to the Ruby style guide (#476)


  • Fixed potential “parent directory is world writable” error (#465, #474)
  • Fixed retrying requests in the external link checker (#483) [Michal Papis]
  • Fixed issue with data sources not being unloaded (#491) [Michal Papis]

3.7.3 (2014-08-31)


  • Fixed issue which caused metadata sections not be recognised in files that use CRLF line endings (#470, #471) [Gregory Pakosz]

3.7.2 (2014-08-17)


  • Fixed broken links to the now defunct RubyForge (#454, #467)
  • Fixed crash when Gemfile is missing but Bundler is installed (#464)
  • Made filesystem data source not strip any whitespace (#463) [Gregory Pakosz]


  • Fixed issue which could cause items to be unnecessarily marked as outdated (#461) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Prevented binary layouts from being generated (#468) [Gregory Pakosz]

3.7.1 (2014-06-16)


  • Fixed bug which would cause nanoc to crash if no Gemfile is present (#447, #449)

3.7 (2014-06-08)

New features:

  • Allowed excluding links from the internal links check (@config[:checks][:internal_links][:exclude]) (#242) [Remko Tronçon]
  • Added Rouge syntax coloring filter (#398) [Guilherme Garnier]
  • Backported after_setup from nanoc 4 to make it easier to create CLI plugins (#407) [Rémi Barraquand]
  • Make lib dirs configurable using lib_dirs config attribute (#424) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Added support for setting parent config dir using parent_config_file config attribute (#419) [Gregory Pakosz]


  • Added :with_toc support to RedCarpet (#222, #232)
  • Added slim to the list of text extensions (#316)
  • Made content/ and layouts/ dirs configurable (#412) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Allowed included rules files to have their own preprocess block (#420) [Gregory Pakosz]


  • Fixed bug which caused temporary directories not to be removed (#440, #444)

3.6.11 (2014-05-09)

Identical to 3.6.10 but published with corrected release notes.

This release was previously known as, but was renamed due to incompatibilities with the Semantic Versioning specification.

3.6.10 (2014-05-09)


  • Fixed occasional “no such file” error on JRuby (#422)
  • Prevented multiple items and layouts from having the same identifier (#434, #435)


  • Set default encoding to UTF-8 (#428)
  • Improved checksummer to reduce number of unnecessary recompiles (#310, #431)
  • Disabled USR1 on JRuby in order to suppress warning (#425, #426)
  • Made pandoc filter argument passing more generic (#210, #433)

3.6.9 (2014-04-15)


  • Fixed path to default stylesheet (#410, #411)
  • Improved reliability of piping from/to external processes in JRuby (#417)
  • Added workaround for “cannot modify” errors when using Nokogiri on JRuby (#416)
  • Made corrupted cached data auto-repair itself if possible (#409, #418)

3.6.8 (2014-03-22)


  • Fixed issue with missing compilation durations (#374, #379)
  • Made XSL filter transform item rather than layout (#399, #401) [Simon South]
  • Made XSL filter honor omit-xml-declaration (#403, #404) [Simon South]
  • Removed “see full crash log” line from crash log (#397, #402)


  • Added warning when multiple preprocessors are defined (#389)
  • Improve stylesheet handling in default site (#339, #395)

3.6.7 (2013-12-09)


  • Made Handlebars filter usable outside layouts (#346, #348)
  • Fixed ANSI color support on Windows (#352, #356)
  • Made fog deployer handle prefixes properly (#351) [Oliver Byford]
  • Fixed crash in watcher (#358)
  • Fixed huge durations when showing skipped items after compilation (#360, #364)
  • Fixed output of --verbose compilation statistics (#359, #365)
  • Fixed issue with Sass files not recompiling (#350, #370)


  • Fixed Windows compatibility issues in test suite (#353) [Raphael von der Grün]
  • Hid deprecated autocompile and watch commands in help
  • Made CLI swallow broken pipe errors when piping to a process that terminates prematurely (#318, #369)

3.6.6 (2013-11-08)


  • Reduced number of dependencies generated by Sass filter (#306) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Recognised lowercase utf in language value (e.g. en_US.utf8) as being UTF-8 (#335, #338)
  • Set Thin as the default server for nanoc view (#342, #345)
  • Removed watcher section from the default configuration file (#343, #344)


  • Prevented capturing helper from erroneously compiling items twice (#331, #337)

3.6.5 (2013-09-29)


  • Fixed bug which could cause incorrect dependencies to be generated in some cases (#329)
  • Fixed handling of index filenames when allowing periods in identifiers (#330)

3.6.4 (2013-05-29)


  • Deprecated watch and autocompile commands in favour of guard-nanoc


  • Fixed bug which could cause the tmp/ dir to blow up in size
  • Unescaped URLs when checking internal links

3.6.3 (2013-04-24)


  • Added support for growlnotify on Windows (#253, #267)
  • Fixed bug which caused the external links checker to ignore the query string (#279, #297)
  • Removed weird treatment of DOCTYPEs in the relativize_paths filter (#296)
  • Fixed CodeRay syntax coloring on Ruby 2.0
  • Silenced “Could not find files for the given pattern(s)” message on Windows (#298)
  • Fixed issue which could cause output.diff not to be generated correctly (#255, #301)
  • Let filesystem and static data sources follow symlinks (#299, #302)
  • Added compatibility with Listen 1.0 (#309)
  • Let #passthrough in Rules work well with the static data source (#251) [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Made timing information be more accurate (#303)

3.6.2 (2013-03-23)


  • Removed the list of available deployers from the deploy help text and moved them into a new --list-deployers option [Damien Pollet]
  • Fixed warning about __send__ and object_id being redefined on Ruby 1.8.x [Justin Hileman]


  • Added possible alternative names for the Checks file for consistency with the Rules file: Checks.rb, checks, checks.rb [Damien Pollet]
  • Made sure unchanged files never have their mtime updated [Justin Hileman]
  • Made link checker retry 405 Method Not Allowed results with GET instead of HEAD [Daniel Hofstetter]

3.6.1 (2013-02-25)


  • Fixed bug which could cause the Sass filter to raise a load error [Damien Pollet]
  • Fixed warnings about __send__ and object_id being redefined [Justin Hileman]
  • Made files_to_watch contain nanoc.yaml, not config.yaml by default

3.6 (2013-02-24)


  • Added sync command, allowing data sources to update local caches of external data [Justin Hileman]
  • Added #ignore compiler DSL method
  • Allowed accessing items by identifier using e.g. @items['/about/']
  • Added shell command


  • Renamed the nanoc configuration file from config.yaml to nanoc.yaml


  • Updated references to old web site and old repository
  • Made require errors mention Bundler if appropriate
  • Fixed bug which caused pruner not to delete directories in some cases [Matthias Reitinger]
  • Made check command exit with the proper exit status
  • Added support for the HTML_TOC Redcarpet renderer
  • Made stale check honor files excluded by the pruner

3.5 (2013-01-27)

Major changes:

  • Added checks

Minor changes:

  • Added #include_rules for modularising Rules files [Justin Hileman]
  • Replaced FSSM with Listen [Takashi Uchibe]
  • Made USR1 print stack trace (not on Windows)
  • Added ability to configure autocompiler host/port in config.yaml [Stuart Montgomery]
  • Added static data source
  • Added :rep_select parameter to XML sitemap to allow filtering reps
  • Removed use of bright/bold colors for compatibility with Solarized


  • Added support for parameters in Less filter [Ruben Verborgh]
  • Added support for icon and logo in Atom feed [Ruben Verborgh]


  • Made syntax colorizer only use the first non-empty line when extracting the language comment
  • Fixed XSL filter

3.4.3 (2012-12-09)


  • Item reps are now accessible in a consistent way: in Rules and during compilation, they can be accessed using both @rep and @item_rep


  • Made cleaning streams (stdout/stderr as used by nanoc) compatible with Ruby’s built-in Logger
  • Made prune work when the output directory is a symlink
  • Made Handlebars filter compatible with the latest version
  • Made show-data command show more accurate dependencies [Stefan Bühler]
  • Restored compatibility with Sass 3.2.2

3.4.2 (2012-11-01)


  • Made passthrough rules be inserted in the right place [Gregory Pakosz]
  • Fixed crashes in the progress indicator when compiling
  • Made auto-pruning honor excluded files [Grégory Karékinian]
  • Made lack of which/where not crash watch command


  • Fixed constant reinitialization warnings [Damien Pollet]
  • Made UTF-8 not be decomposed when outputting to a file from a non-UTF-8 terminal
  • Made syntax colorizer wrap CodeRay output in required CodeRay divs
  • Made fog delete after upload, not before [Go Maeda]
  • Made requesting compiled content of binary item impossible

3.4.1 (2012-09-22)


  • Fixed auto-pruning
  • Made slim filter work with the capturing helper [Bil Bas]


  • Made several speed improvements
  • Added prune configuration to config.yaml
  • Made nanoc check for presence of nanoc in Gemfile
  • Made compile command not show identicals (use --verbose if you want them)
  • Made relativize_paths filter recognise more paths to relativize [Arnau Siches]
  • Fixed #passthrough for items without extensions [Justin Hileman]
  • Added more IO/File proxy methods to cleaning streams

3.4 (2012-06-09)

  • Improved error output and added crash log
  • Renamed debug and info commands to show-data and show-plugins, respectively
  • Added show-rules command (aka explain)


  • Added :yield key for Mustache filter
  • Added Handebars filter
  • Added Pandoc filter
  • Made the deployer use the default target if no target is specified
  • Converted HTML/CSS/link validation tasks to commands
  • Made link validator follow relative redirects

3.3.7 (2012-05-28)

  • Added filename to YAML parser errors
  • Fixed issue which caused extra dependencies to be generated
  • Made timing information take filtering helper into account

3.3.6 (2012-04-27)

  • Fixed issue with relative_link_to stripping HTML boilerplate

3.3.5 (2012-04-23)

  • Fixed issue with relative_link_to not working properly

3.3.4 (2012-04-23)

  • Fixed bug which caused the compilation stack to be empty
  • Restored Ruby 1.8 compatibility

3.3.3 (2012-04-11)

  • Fixed directed graph implementation on Rubinius
  • Made capturing helper not remember content between runs
  • Fixed Date#freeze issue on Ruby 1.8.x
  • Made it possible to have any kind of object as parameters in the Rules file
  • Fixed bug which caused changed routes not to cause a recompile

3.3.2 (2012-03-16)

  • Removed bin/nanoc3 (use nanoc3 gem if you want it)
  • Fixed wrong “no such snapshot” errors
  • Made deployer default to rsync for backwards compatibility
  • Fixed missing Nanoc::CLI in deployment tasks
  • Fixed “unrecognised kind” deployer error

3.3.1 (2012-02-18)

  • Fixed issue with long paths on Windows
  • Fixed a few deployer crashes
  • Added nanoc3.rb, nanoc3/tasks.rb, … for compatibility with older versions
  • Made nanoc setup Bundler at startup [John Nishinaga]

3.3 (2012-02-12)


  • Dropped the “3” suffix on nanoc3/Nanoc3
  • Turned Rake tasks into proper nanoc commands
  • Improved dependency tracking
  • Added support for locals in filters and layouts


  • Added support for deployment using Fog [Jack Chu]
  • Added CoffeeScript filter [Riley Goodside]
  • Added XSL filter [Arnau Siches]
  • Added YUICompress filter [Matt Keveney]
  • Added pygments.rb to supported syntax colorizers
  • Allowed syntax colorizer to colorize outside pre elements [Kevin Lynagh]
  • Added support for HTTPS link validation [Fabian Buch]
  • Added support for (automatically) pruning stray output files [Justin Hileman]
  • Added deploy command

3.2.4 (2012-01-09)

  • Fixed bug which would cause some reps not to be compiled when invoking nanoc programmatically
  • Made data source configuration location a bit more obvious
  • Fixed watch command under Windows
  • Made filesystem data source ignore UTF-8 BOM
  • Improved compatibility of colorize_syntax filter with older libxml versions

3.2.3 (2011-10-31)

  • Made syntax colorizer only strip trailing blank lines instead of all blanks
  • Improved Ruby 1.9.x compatibility
  • Made default rakefile require rubygems if necessary
  • Made filename/content argument of Nanoc3::Item#initialize mandatory

3.2.2 (2011-09-04)

  • Fixed command usage printing
  • Made relativize_paths filter handle Windows network paths [Ruben Verborgh]
  • Made watcher use correct configuration
  • Allowed code blocks to start with a non-language shebang line

3.2.1 (2011-07-27)

  • Made @config available in rules file
  • Fixed #readpartial issue on JRuby [Matt Keveney]
  • Fixed possible @cache name clash in memoization module
  • Fixed options with required arguments (such as --port and --host)
  • Fixed broken #check_availability
  • Fixed error handling in watch command

3.2 (2011-07-24)


  • Sped up nanoc quite a bit
  • Added progress indicator for long-running filters
  • Made all source data, such as item attributes, frozen during compilation
  • Added –color option to force color on
  • Cleaned up internals, deprecating several parts and/or marking them as private in the progress
  • Allowed custom commands in commands/


  • Added AsciiDoc filter
  • Added Redcarpet filter [Peter Aronoff]
  • Added Slim filter [Zaiste de Grengolada]
  • Added Typogruby filter
  • Added UglifyJS filter [Justin Hileman]
  • Added :items parameter for the XML site map [Justin Hileman]
  • Added support for params to ERB
  • Added :default_colorizer parameter to the :colorize_syntax filter
  • Allowed for passing arbitrary options to pygmentize [Matthias Vallentin]
  • Exposed RedCloth parameters in the filter [Vincent Driessen]

3.1.9 (2011-06-30)

  • Really fixed dependency generation between Sass partials this time
  • Updated Less filter to 2.0
  • Made colorize_syntax filter throw an error if pygmentize is not available

3.1.8 (2011-06-25)

  • Made link validator accept https: URLs
  • Fixed erroneous handling of layouts with names ending in index
  • Fixed dependency generation between Sass partials
  • Fixed errors related to thread requires
  • Fixed crash while handling load errors
  • Improved encoding handling while reading files

3.1.7 (2011-05-03)

  • Restored compatibility with Sass 3.1

3.1.6 (2010-11-21)

  • Fixed issues with incompatible encodings

3.1.5 (2010-08-24)

  • Improved #render documentation
  • Improved metadata section check so that e.g. raw diffs are handled properly
  • Deprecated using Nanoc3::Site#initialize with a non-"." argument
  • Added Ruby engine to version string
  • Allowed the created_at and updated_at attributes used in the Blogging helper to be Date instances

3.1.4 (2010-07-25)

  • Made INT and TERM signals always quit the CLI
  • Allowed relative imports in LESS
  • Made sure modification times are unchanged for identical recompiled items
  • Improved link validator error handling
  • Made pygmentize not output extra divs and pres
  • Allowed colorizers to be specified using symbols instead of strings
  • Added scss to the default list of text extensions

3.1.3 (2010-04-25)

  • Removed annoying win32console warning [Eric Sunshine]
  • Removed color codes when not writing to a terminal, or when writing to Windows’ console when win32console is not installed [Eric Sunshine]
  • Added .xhtml and .xml to list of text extensions
  • Improved support for relative Sass @imports [Chris Eppstein]

3.1.2 (2010-04-07)

  • Fixed bug which could cause incorrect output when compilation of an item is delayed due to an unmet dependency

3.1.1 (2010-04-05)

  • Sass @imports now work for files not managed by nanoc
  • Rake tasks now have their Unicode description decomposed if necessary

3.1 (2010-04-03)


  • An Item#rep_named(name) function for quickly getting a certain rep
  • An Item#compiled_content function for quickly getting compiled content
  • An Item#path function for quickly getting the path of an item rep
  • A new “+” wildcard in rule patterns that matches one or more characters
  • A view command that starts a web server in the output directory
  • A debug command that shows information about the items, reps and layouts
  • A kramdown filter (kramdown site)
  • A diff between the previously compiled content and the last compiled content is now written to output.diff if the enable_output_diff site configuration attribute is true
  • Assigns, such as @items, @layouts, @item, … are accessible without @
  • Support for binary items


  • New sites now come with a stylesheet item instead of a style.css file in the output directory
  • The deploy:rsync task now use sensible default options
  • The deploy:rsync task now accepts a config environment variable
  • The deploy:rsync task now uses a lowercase dry_run environment variable
  • The maruku filter now accepts parameters
  • The rainpress filter now accepts parameters
  • The filesystem data source is now known as filesystem_verbose
  • Meta files and content files are now optional
  • The filesystem_compact and filesystem_combined data sources have been merged into a new filesystem_unified data source
  • The metadata section in filesystem_unified is now optional [Chris Eppstein]
  • The --server autocompile option is now known as --handler
  • Assigns in filters are now available as instance variables and methods
  • The #breadcrumbs_trail function now allows missing parents
  • The sass filter now properly handles @import dependencies


  • Nanoc3::FileProxy; use one of the filename attributes instead
  • ItemRep#content_at_snapshot; use #compiled_content instead
  • The last_fm, delicious and twitter data sources; fetch online content into a cache by a rake task and load data from this cache instead

3.0.9 (2010-02-24)

  • Fixed 1.8.x parsing bug due to lack of parens which could cause “undefined method to_iso8601_time for #<String:0x…>” errors

3.0.8 (2010-02-24)

  • #atom_tag_for now works with base_urls that contain a path [Eric Sunshine]
  • Generated root URLs in #atom_feed now end with a slash [Eric Sunshine]
  • Autocompiler now recognises requests to index files
  • Blogging helper now allows created_at to be a Time instance

3.0.7 (2010-01-29)

  • Fixed bug which could cause layout rules not be matched in order

3.0.6 (2010-01-17)

  • Error checking in filesystem_combined has been improved [Brian Candler]
  • Generated HTML files now have a default encoding of UTF-8
  • Periods in identifiers for layouts now behave correctly
  • The relativize_paths filter now correctly handles “/” [Eric Sunshine]

3.0.5 (2010-01-12)

  • Restored pre-3.0.3 behaviour of periods in identifiers. By default, a file can have multiple extensions (e.g. content/foo.html.erb will have the identifier /foo/), but if allow_periods_in_identifiers in the site configuration is true, a file can have only one extension (e.g. content/blog/stuff.entry.html will have the identifier /blog/stuff.entry/).

3.0.4 (2010-01-07)

  • Fixed a bug which would cause the filesystem_compact data source to incorrectly determine the content filename, leading to weird “Expected 1 content file but found 3” errors [Eric Sunshine]

3.0.3 (2010-01-06)

  • The Blogging helper now properly handles item reps without paths
  • The relativize_paths filter now only operates inside tags
  • The autocompiler now handles escaped paths
  • The LinkTo and Tagging helpers now output escaped HTML
  • Fixed played_at attribute assignment in the LastFM data source for tracks playing now, and added a now_playing attribute [Nicky Peeters]
  • The filesystem_* data sources can now handle dots in identifiers
  • Required enumerator to make sure #enum_with_index always works
  • Array#stringify_keys now properly recurses

3.0.2 (2009-11-07)

  • Children-only identifier patterns no longer erroneously also match parent (e.g. /foo/*/ no longer matches /foo/)
  • The create_site command no longer uses those ugly HTML entities
  • Install message now mentions the IRC channel

3.0.1 (2009-10-05)

  • The proper exception is now raised when no matching compilation rules can be found
  • The autocompile command no longer has a duplicate --port option
  • The #url_for and #feed_url methods now check the presence of the base_url site configuration attribute
  • Several outdated URLs are now up-to-date
  • Error handling has been improved in general

3.0 (2009-08-14)


  • Multiple data sources
  • Dependency tracking between items
  • Filters can now optionally take arguments
  • #create_page and #create_layout methods in data sources
  • A new way to specify compilation/routing rules using a Rules file
  • A coderay filter (CodeRay site)
  • A filesystem_compact data source which uses less directories


  • Pages and textual assets are now known as “items”


  • Support for drafts
  • Support for binary assets
  • Support for templates
  • Everything that was deprecated in nanoc 2.x
  • save_*, move_* and delete_* methods in data sources
  • Processing instructions in metadata

2.2.2 (2009-05-18)

  • Removed relativize_paths filter; use relativize_paths_in_html or relativize_paths_in_css instead
  • Fixed bug which could cause nanoc to eat massive amounts of memory when an exception occurs
  • Fixed bug which would cause nanoc to complain about the open file limit being reached when using a large amount of assets

2.2.1 (2009-04-08)

  • Fixed bug which prevented relative_path_to from working
  • Split relativize_paths filter into two filter: relativize_paths_in_html and relativize_paths_in_css
  • Removed bundled mime-types library

2.2 (2009-04-06)


  • --pages and --assets compiler options
  • --no-color command-line option
  • Filtering helper
  • #relative_path_to function in LinkTo helper
  • rainpress filter (Rainpress site)
  • relativize_paths filter
  • The current layout is now accessible through the @layout variable
  • Much more informative stack traces when something goes wrong


  • The command-line option parser is now a lot more reliable
  • #atom_feed now takes optional :content_proc, :excerpt_proc and :articles parameters
  • The compile command show non-written items (those with skip_output: true)
  • The compile command compiles everything by default
  • Added --only-outdated option to compile only outdated pages


  • deprecated extension-based code

2.1.6 (2009-02-28)

  • The filesystem_combined data source now supports empty metadata sections
  • The rdoc filter now works for both RDoc 1.x and 2.x
  • The autocompiler now serves a 500 when an exception occurs outside compilation
  • The autocompiler no longer serves index files when the request path does not end with a slash
  • The autocompiler now always serves asset content correctly

2.1.5 (2009-02-01)

  • Added Ruby 1.9 compatibility
  • The filesystem and filesystem_combined data sources now preserve custom extensions

2.1.4 (2008-11-15)

  • Fixed an issue where the autocompiler in Windows would serve broken assets

2.1.3 (2008-09-27)

  • The haml and sass filters now correctly take their options from assets
  • The autocompiler now serves index files instead of 404s
  • Layouts named “index” are now handled correctly
  • The filesystem_combined data source now properly handles assets

2.1.2 (2008-09-08)

  • The utocompiler now compiles assets as well
  • The sass filter now takes options (just like the haml filter)
  • Haml/Sass options are now taken from the page rep instead of the page

2.1.1 (2008-08-18)

  • Fixed issue which would cause files not to be required in the right order

2.1 (2008-08-17)

This is only a short summary of all changes in 2.1. For details, see the nanoc web site. Especially the blog and the updated manual will be useful.


  • New rdiscount filter (RDiscount site)
  • New maruku filter (Maruku site)
  • New erubis filter (Erubis site)
  • A better command-line frontend
  • A new filesystem data source named filesystem_combined
  • Routers, which decide where compiled pages should be written to
  • Page/layout mtimes can now be retrieved through page.mtime/layout.mtime


  • Already compiled pages will no longer be re-compiled unless outdated
  • Layout processors and filters have been merged
  • Layouts no longer rely on file extensions to determine the layout processor
  • Greatly improved source code documentation
  • Greatly improved unit test suite


  • Several filters have been removed and replaced by newer filters:
    • eruby: use erb or erubis instead
    • markdown: use bluecloth, rdiscount or maruku instead
    • textile: use redcloth instead

2.0.4 (2008-05-04)

  • Fixed default.rb’s #html_escape
  • Updated Haml filter and layout processor so that @page, @pages and @config are now available as instance variables instead of local variables

2.0.3 (2008-03-25)

  • The autocompiler now honors custom paths
  • The autocompiler now attempts to serve pages with the most appropriate MIME type, instead of always serving everything as text/html

2.0.2 (2008-01-26)

  • nanoc now requires Ruby 1.8.5 instead of 1.8.6

2.0.1 (2008-01-21)

  • Fixed a “too many open files” error that could appear during (auto)compiling

2.0 (2007-12-25)


  • Support for custom layout processors
  • Support for custom data sources
  • Database data source
  • An auto-compiler
  • Pages have parent and children


  • The source has been restructured and cleaned up a great deal
  • Filters are defined in a different way now
  • The eruby filter now uses ERB instead of Erubis


  • The filters property; use filters_pre instead
  • Support for Liquid

1.6.2 (2007-10-23)

  • Fixed an issue which prevented the content capturing plugin from working

1.6.1 (2007-10-14)

  • Removed a stray debug message

1.6 (2007-10-13)

  • Added support for post-layout filters
  • Added support for getting a File object for the page, so you can now e.g. easily get the modification time for a given page (@page.file.mtime)
  • Cleaned up the source code a lot
  • Removed deprecated asset-copying functionality

1.5 (2007-09-10)

  • Added support for custom filters
  • Improved Liquid support – Liquid is now a first-class nanoc citizen
  • Deprecated assets – use something like rsync instead
  • Added eruby_engine option, which can be erb or erubis

1.4 (2007-07-06)

  • nanoc now supports ERB (as well as Erubis); Erubis no longer is a dependency
  • meta.yaml can now have haml_options property, which is passed to Haml
  • Pages can now have a filename property, which defaults to index [Dennis Sutch]
  • Pages now know in what order they should be compiled, eliminating the need for custom page ordering [Dennis Sutch]

1.3.1 (2007-06-30)

  • The contents of the assets directory are now copied into the output directory specified in config.yaml

1.3 (2007-06-24)

  • The @pages array now also contains uncompiled pages
  • Pages with skip_output set to true will not be outputted
  • Added new filters
    • Textile/RedCloth
    • Sass
  • nanoc now warns before overwriting in create_site, create_page and create_template (but not in compile)

1.2 (2007-06-05)

  • Sites now have an assets directory, whose contents are copied to the output directory when compiling [Stanley Rost]
  • Added support for non-eRuby layouts (Markaby, Haml, Liquid, …)
  • Added more filters (Markaby, Haml, Liquid, RDoc [Dmitry Bilunov]
  • Improved error reporting
  • Accessing page attributes using instance variables, and not through @page, is no longer possible
  • Page attributes can now be accessed using dot notation, i.e. @page.title as well as @page[:title]

1.1.3 (2007-05-18)

  • Fixed bug which would cause layoutless pages to be outputted incorrectly

1.1.2 (2007-05-17)

  • Backup files (files ending with a “~”) are now ignored
  • Fixed bug which would cause subpages not to be generated correctly

1.1 (2007-05-08)

  • Added support for nested layouts
  • Added coloured logging
  • @page now hold the page that is currently being processed
  • Index files are now called “content” files and are now named after the directory they are in [Colin Barrett]
  • It is now possible to access @page in the page’s content file

1.0.1 (2007-05-05)

  • Fixed a bug which would cause a “no such template” error to be displayed when the template existed but compiling it would raise an exception
  • Fixed bug which would cause pages not to be sorted by order before compiling

1.0 (2007-05-03)

  • Initial release